How to maintain the real air quenching furnace

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True air quenching furnace is a furnace for protective sintering of heated items in a vacuum environment, and there are many heating methods, such as resistance heating, induction heating, microwave heating and so on. The true air quenching furnace is a furnace that uses induction heating to sintered the heated items protectfully, which can be divided into power frequency, medium frequency, high frequency and other types, and can be classified as the subclass of true air quenching furnace. How to maintain it?


1, according to the PLC program to pump low vacuum: close all the vacuum valve of the double chamber vacuum oil quenching furnace, start the mechanical pump, after its normal operation (about 1-2 min), open the low vacuum valve leading to the furnace body, that is, the upper dish valve, and pump low vacuum to the furnace body in advance;


2, according to the PLC program to pump high vacuum: Open the lower disc valve and pump the diffusion pump. When the vacuum degree reaches below 15 Pa, the system automatically opens the diffusion pump for preheating. Generally, after about 45 minutes, the diffusion pump starts its function, the upper disc valve can be closed, and the main barrier valve can be opened until the vacuum degree reaches 1.33×10Pa or more, and the heating button can be opened to heat the sample.