How do vacuum furnaces operate without mistakes

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The use of vacuum furnaces is relatively convenient, but we will also affect our work because of wrong operation, so in order to save time, we must pay attention to these aspects when operating, so as to avoid our mistakes, then what should we pay attention to specifically? Let's take a look.

1. The heating body of the vacuum furnace uses low-voltage electricity, but the power supply voltage is still 380V, and safe electricity is still needed during operation.

2, vacuum heat treatment furnace is an advanced heat treatment equipment that has been greatly developed in recent years, and the workpiece is heated and cooled in the space of ultra-low pressure. It has the advantages of good quality, energy saving, safety and less pollution.

3, vacuum furnace manufacturing, should ensure that no air leakage, no water leakage. The seal of the furnace body and the furnace cover is made of rubber parts, so it needs to be cooled by a water barrier. If the water leaks into the furnace, the furnace temperature is very high, it will cause an explosion. The workpiece treated by the vacuum furnace should be cleaned and the oil vapor from the quenching oil tank should be avoided from entering the furnace. These oil vapor and air mix will form an explosive atmosphere, once there is an open flame or electricity will produce an explosion. Therefore, the furnace door should be closed after the vacuum furnace is loaded, and the furnace can be heated with electricity after being pumped into a vacuum.