Trolley heat treatment furnace for Annealing Quenching Tempering Hardening

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Car Bottom Heat Treatment Furnace is a manual or automated load car to transfer the process large and heavy products into and out the furnace chamber on the rail mounted. According with different heating method, we can do the Trolley furnace heating by gas or fuel, and electric.


Features of bogie hearth furnace

Temperature: 01800

High temperature 10001800

Middle temperature 7501000

Lower temperature 0750


Chamber: Full of fiber insulation system

Mechanism: heat treatment furnace body with loader car.


The Car Bottom Furnace is an excellent solution to heat-treat or tempering, normalizing, annealing, hardening, quenching the large and heavy welded fabrications such as larger casting piece, forging piece, steel billet, steel igot, gear blanks, drive shafts, and similar type products.


Heat Chamber: When we design the heat chamber, we optimize the insulation grade, thickness and density to fit your particular application. The Chamber construction we used all fiber, which can 60% energy saving than the brick and have the wonderful performance of thermal storage.


Door Design: The trolley furnace door is typically integral to the car or can be fixed to the furnace body and vertically actuated to seal the chamber. the frame of the door is made by section steel and plate which have stronger rigidity. And inside overlapped the fire resistance fiber.


Car Design: The Car is designed as self-propelled structure, which travelling is through the motor gear driving with the Chain. The two seal methods are auto-labyrinth structure and soft touch. also the car has equipped the limit switch and interlock, when the door open, auto-cut off the power of the heating elements, meanwhile recover the travelling power of the car. when the door closed, auto-cut off the travelling power of the car, meanwhile recover the power of the heating elements


Heating System: If heated by electric resistance wire, the heating element is made by high temperature resistance alloy wire, which distributed at side of chamber, furnace door, back-wall, and car floor. If Heated by gas or fuel, all the burner nozzle arranged both side of chamber.

 Trolley heat treatment furnace for Annealing Quenching Tempering Hardening

1), Economical operation is achieved with superior thermal process, engineering practices

2), Recirculation fans with high efficiency motors to keep the uniform temperature inside of trolley furnace Chamber.

3), High-efficiency (gas, fuel or electric) heat sources to reduce energy costs.

4), Stronger structure oven frames and component supports.

5), Application specific state-of-the-art insulation materials are selected to provide optimum insulating characteristics and long term energy savings.

6), Design considerations for easy access to process areas and oven components.

7), Programmable controllers with displays allow for user friendly operation and machine diagnostics.

8), Factory tested to ensure on time delivery and field start up.

9), Factory direct technical service and spare parts group.