All kinds of furnace heating elements as per different temperature

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Furnace heating elements mainly include 3 type according to material, metallic heating elements, Iron-Chromium FeCrAl heating wire and Nickel-Chromium NiCr heating wire, Silicon carbide SiC heating elements, Molybdenum disilicide MoSi2 heating elements.


Common electric heating Alloys used to Produce Metallic Heating Elements as furnace heater. It mainly include FeCrAl and NiCr type as per material.


Iron-Chromium (FeCrAl) alloys is also called Iron Chrome Aluminum heating elements, max temp 1400 °C, high temperature is the unique

Nickel-Chromium (NiCr) alloys is also called Nickel Chrome heating elements, max temp 1250 °C, long working life.


Type   of alloy


FeCrAl alloys

High-resistivity   iron-chromium-aluminium alloys for use up to 1400ºC.

NiCr alloys

High-resistivity   nickel-chromium alloys for use up to 1250ºC.


The shape of metallic heating elements include many type, can do it as per customer’s drawing.

Coil Wound (spiral & edge wound) Elements is made by NiCr or FeCrAl resistance heating wire.

ROB (rod over bend) formed Elements

Star Wound “Porcy” Elements

Tubular Elements (commonly in stainless & Incoloy sheathing)


Silicon Carbide Heating Elements, When element temperatures up to 1625°C are required, Silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements are a desirable option with an impressive peak power density.

SiC Heating Elements

When element temperatures up to 1625°C are required, Silicon carbide heating elements are a desirable option with an impressive peak power density of 50 watts per square inch. Electric furnace heating with silicon carbide elements is economical, dependable, clean, quiet and safe. There are no fuel storage problems, no worries about fuel availability and no noxious exhaust products to be ducted away. Silicon Carbide equipped furnaces are versatile. They handle a wide range of products and atmospheres efficiently, and temperatures can be controlled as closely as you like. Silicon carbide heating elements are rigid throughout the range of operating temperatures so they can be installed horizontally or vertically without any additional supports. The single ended connection types allow even greater flexibility in furnace design. They can be installed through side walls or rood, or project up through the hearth or used to heat furnaces that are too wide or too long to span with conventional elements.


Commonly Available SiC Heating Element Grades & Configurations

Rod & Tubular Elements – ED type

Right Angle Elements – L type

High Density Rod & Tubular SiC heater (used in severe applications such as corrosive atmospheres)

Multi-leg – M type

Three Phase – W type

Spiral (Double & Single Ended Connection) – SG and SGR type

Silicon carbide Heating Element Accessories include terminal straps, clamps, gaskets and feed-through.


Molybdenum disilicide Heating Elements

MoSi2 heating elements are the element of choice when the application demands high temperatures beyond what conventional metallic and Silicon Carbide heating elements can support. With an ability to reach element temperatures of up to 1850°C and watt densities of up to almost 200 watts per square inch, MoSi2 elements are peak performers. MoSi2 is a dense cement material consisting of MoSi2 and an oxide component of mainly a glass phase and has the ability to withstand oxidation at high temperatures. This is due to the formation of a thin and adhesive protective layer of quartz glass on the surface. When MoSi2 reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere, the layer of quartz glass is formed and under this a thin layer of molybdenum silicide with a lower silicon content Mo5Si3. The silica layer possesses the capacity to “clean itself” from adhering impurities. If the impurities react with silica, the melting point will be lowered. The contaminated layer then flows down the element and literally drips off and a new silica layer is spontaneously formed.


Available MoSi2 heating elements Temperature Grades

1700 Grade: 1700°C (3090°F)

1800 Grade: 1800°C (3360°F)

1900 Grade: 1850°C (3360°F)

Available MoSi2 heater Configurations & Products:

-          U Shape

-          90º bend in Hot zone

-          90º bend in Terminal

-          Multi-shank Elements

-          Custom Shapes

Accessories of MoSi2 heating elements: Metallic & Ceramic holders, Plate Holders, Clamps, Straps & Feed-through Assemblies, please contact with us ht@ovenfurnace.com .